Tokaji Wine Boutique Restaurant offers a diverse, unique selection of appetizers, soups and entrees to satisfy every taste, including fresh seasonal dishes. We offer wines to accommodate every meal, and would be happy to make a recommendation for you. And of course, don't forget to check out our selection of mouth-watering desserts.



Soups and Salads



Soup of the day            Small:     $ 5.00             For two:          $  8.00

Gulyás soup                  Small:     $ 8.00             For two:          $12.00

Bean soup Jókai style  Small:     $ 6.00             For two:          $10.00

Chicken noodle soup    Small:     $ 6.00             For two:          $10.00

Garlic cream soup        Small:     $ 5.00            


Mixed green salad        Small: $ 5.00               Large: $  9.00

Iceberg lettuce, tomato, cucumber , green pepper  – balsamic vinaigrette


Caesar salad                 Small: $ 6.00               Large: $10.00

Romaine lettuce, bread croutons, creamy Caesar dressing, parmesan cheese


Spinach Salad              Small: $ 6.00               Large: $10.00

Baby spinach, dried apricots, dried cranberry, almonds, walnuts, berries, red wine reduction


Add to your salad:


4 oz. grilled chicken breast: $4.00   4 oz. grilled salmon: $5.00   4 oz. grilled sirloin steak: $6.00



All sandwiches served with Hungarian Ratatouille, or small fries, or mixed greens salad


Schnitzel sandwich                                                                         $14.00

Pork or chicken – with Hungarian Tartar sauce, lettuce and tomato

Veal – add $ 4.00


Gypsy steak sandwich                                                                    $13.00

Pork chop, smoked bacon, garlic, Hungarian paprika, lettuce, cucumber, tomato


Steak sandwich                                                                               $18.00

6 oz. grilled sirloin, fried onion straws, mayo, served on a baguette  


Add a small soup: $  2.00




Hungarian cold cuts sampler                                                          $  9.00

Selection of salamis, sausages and ham


Steak tartare                                                                                   $12.00

Minced raw beef, onions, capers, seasonings, egg yolk, mustard, ketchup, Worcestershire  


Smoked duck breast                                                                       $12.00

Mixed greens salad, smoked and marinated duck breast, red wine reduction






Fried flat cheese croquette                                                                             $ 15.00

Served with tartar sauce and fries


Grilled Camembert with greens salad                                                             $ 18.00

Served with cream infused blueberry sauce


Grilled Portobello with sautéed vegetables                                                    $ 18.00


Chicken paprikash                                                                                           $ 19.00

Served with homemade dumplings   


Veal stew with home made dumplings                                                           $ 19.00


Pork roast Brasso style                                                                                    $ 22.00

Small cubes of pork tenderloin seasoned with garlic, cubed roasted potato, paprika


Gypsy steak with fries                                                                                      $ 20.00

Pork chop, smoked bacon, garlic, Hungarian paprika


Wiener schnitzel with cold potato salad                                                          $ 24.00

Breaded and fried Veal cutlet served just like in Vienna, with potato salad

Also made from chicken or pork                                                                                        $ 19.00


Roasted duck breast or leg with braised red cabbage                                    $ 22.00

Served with mashed potato


Stuffed cabbage rolls                                                                                        $ 15.00

Seasoned ground pork, rice, onion, garlic and other spices wrapped in cooked cabbage leaves


Pan seared foie gras with caramalized apple and tokaji Furmint reduction   $ 30.00

Served with mashed potato


Medallions of pork tenderloin with penne and cooked paprika sauce            $ 19.00


Roasted leg of lamb with mediterranian vegetables                                       $ 26.00


Grilled Salmon filet with steamed vegetables                                                 $ 21.00


8 oz. New York Steak with fries                                                                       $ 30.00

Served with Bearnaise sauce


Side salads – $4.00/ portion


Beet salad            Cucumber salad           Cabbage salad              Dill pickles          





Desserts / Desszerts


Chestnut puree / Gesztenye püré                                                 $ 5.00


White chocolate milk pudding with raspberries & honey             $ 5.00

Fehércsokis tejpuding mézes málnával


Crêpe / Palacsinta                                                                     $ 6.00

Choice of: Gundel style, or filled with apricot marmelade, or cottage cheese,

or nutella, or walnut / barack lekváros, túrós, nutellás, diós, Gundel


Somló sponge cake

Small cup: $ 4.00                          Hungarian size:    $ 6.00

Rum infused chocolate and plain sponge cake filled with vanilla cream, raisins, walnuts, chocolate sauce and topped with whipped cream and orange zest.





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